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          Add:Pengcheng Road 2#,Dafeng,Jiangsu Province, China
          Phone:Mr Wu:13912523288
             Mr Jin:13813413033

             Jiangsu Yunma agricultural machinery manufacturing company Ltd is the subsidiary of Yancheng Hengchang Group which is the professional manufacturer of the characteristics agricultural machinery .The group was founded in 1978, the existing staff of 578 people, including engineering and technical personnel 88 people, undergraduate degree or above 28. 7 products listed in the state to support the extension directory, annual production value of more than billion. The company cooperates with Nanjing Agricultural Machinery Institute, National Agricultural Machinery Extension Station, Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Extension Station, and Jiangsu University……
          Copyright Reserved JIANGSU YUNMA AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD  ADD:Pengcheng Road 2#,Dafeng,Jiangsu Province, China
          Tel:+86-515-83859598   FAX:+86-515-83859578 Mr Wu:13912523288 Mr Jin:13813413033 蘇ICP備10103633號